This form of cooperation is perfect if you are working with an in-house development team that you want to extend with additional skills or resources. Ideally, you are looking for a team member to work in the context of a larger project. You need a full-time dedicated developer who can efficiently communicate with you and will flexibly handle new tasks as they come up.


Accessible talent pool

We have a readily available pool of talented developers that can be onboarded instantly, as our developers are already well trained as per advance industry requirement in front line technologies like Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, Kotline, ReactJs & React Native etc.

Adaptability with you

Our developers will be tightly coupled with you where you can plan, execute & monitor as your need. Our developers are flexible & ready to adopt any kind of organization dynamics irrespective of geographical location.

Customers are life

We believe in long-term partnership, personal connections and strong engagement with our customers. Our developers will make sure that your goals are achieved successfully as per your plan. By going Hand in Hand with you, our developers will understand your business in a better way which will help you to utilise their expertise in your growth.

Believe in upward learning

At Meridian Solutions, we conduct lots of training sessions, workshops & seminars to upgrade the skill sets of our developers . We also host frequent professional events to inline ourself with advanced technologies required by industries.

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