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The requirements for a modern ICT infrastructure are very complex and change very fast. We support our clients in developing and implementing extensive IT security solutions for data center, enterprise, perimeter, data encryption, endpoint and mobile settings as well as identity & access management.

Our extensive background enables us to integrate selected and tested products to comprehensive solutions for your enterprise security. Our security experts will gladly help you for the optimal architecture, implementation of IT-Security products and sustainable operation of the IT-Security Infrastructure. Our security experts find the best security solution for every company, in terms of financial viability and technology.


Perimeter Security

Firewall / IPS, anti- malware protection, data loss prevention, threat defense and management

Network Security

Scanning, Vulnerability Monitoring, VPN

Server Security

Scanning, Vulnerability Monitoring, VPN


DNS Layer Protection

Protect your device, on and off the corporate networks.

Email Threat Protection

Identity and block ransomware delived through spam and phising emails.

End Point Protection

Stop ransomware files from running on endpoints.

Sophisticated Segmentation

Segment your network to ensure access to services and applications remain secure.

Advanced Defense for Advanced Attacks

Block command and control callbacks to ransomware hosts.


How We Work


We work closely with our Clients to understand their data security requirements and ensure that the solutions we propose optimize their security and also minimize operational bottlenecks.

  • First-rate technology and security specialists for comprehensive security solutions.
  • All elements of IT security infrastructure from a single source, depending on your requirements.
  • Seamless mix of complete ICT security products.
  • Secure infrastructures that are financially viable in the long term thanks to optimum integration of security.
  • Modular solutions tailored precisely to your specific needs.
  • Strategic partnerships with the leading Security OEM’s
  • Cross-industry best practices and experience of numerous implementation projects.

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