Empower Productivity using Microsoft Software

Meridian is a CSP Tier 1 as well as Gold partner of Microsoft and is a key enabler in the cloud strategy for Microsoft in India. We work closely with Microsoft to ensure that the customer gets the best softwares at the best prices!

Digital transformation and the Cloud-enabled  IT are essential priorities for companies seeking a competitive advantage in today’s quickly changing technology landscape. We bring together the best-in-class productivity solutions with advanced security and device management capabilities to help safeguard your businesses

Adobe Creative Cloud for Business

Get the world’s best desktop apps — including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and XD— plus cloud services that empower your team to work efficiently anywhere on any device.

WfH (Work from Home) Solutions

Companies across the globe are moving to remote working. Meridian offers a complete suite of WfH solutions aimed to ensure that companies are able to collaborate and maximize productivity.

Ensure employee productivity and efficiency - talk to us !

We help companies optimize their operations by offering world-class productivity software solutions. Our best price policy and a consultative approach ensures that our clients benefit from best-in-class solutions at affordable prices.

MS MWP Certs
MS Gold Partner
Microsoft CSP Tier 1

Accurate Resource Assessment

Our Experts ensure that Businesses make the optimal use of cloud resources to ensure the highest ROI for the Clients.


We ensure transparency in our billings providing detailed usage & Consumption reports. Our regular customer update process ensures that customer does not receive a bill-shock at the end of month. In our managed services offering, we ensure that customer’s resources are optimally configured to ensure minimal costs and better ROI.

99.9% Availability & 100% Data Security

Meridian’s Azure offerings are backed by Microsoft’s highest reliability services and together we ensure that Customer has a peace of mind on their data availability and Security. We are governed by NDA’s as well as a firewall approach to all customer data within the organization.

Cloud Consulting, Implementation & Managed Services

Meridian’s Cloud certified Experts assist clients in their migration, configuration and management of the Cloud resources. We ensure the Client’s cloud strategy is built from the ground up to be future proof, and designed for innovation and agility.

MS Gold Partner

Enpoint Security Solutions

The rapid increase of employee access devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, notebooks etc., has ecreated multiple vulnerability points in the organization’s network. We work with our clients to ensure a secure infrastructure to protect the sensitive and proprietary data of our clients.

UTM and Firewall Solutions

Our certified experts recommend/implement Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions that integrates firewall, content filtering, spam filtering, VPN protection, anti-spyware and other security requirements of the client.

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) Solutions

Our DLP services & solutions address the client’s data related threats including the risks of accidental data loss and the exposure of sensitive data using monitoring, filtering, blocking and other enhanced features to support the data protection requirements.

Ensure that the Company's Sensitive Data is not compromised

Our expert team works closely with the Client’s management to consult, define and implement data policies and controls that ensures that the sensitive data of the client is secure and backed up.

Learn from Anywhere-Anytime

Our Education solution EduAstra allows the schools to expand their reach to students across geographies and helps enhance the quality of education. Students also have the freedom to to review the notes and video classes at their own convenience.

Digital Repository

All the information that the faculty wants the students to access will be safely stored in an online database. This includes things like live discussion documents, videos, class notes etc.

Increased Student-Faculty interaction

Students in traditional classrooms may not get the personalized attention they need to have concepts clarified. This is never a problem with EduAstra because online guided discussions and personal talk time with students and faculty is a hallmark of our software.

EduAstra - A complete Hybrid EdTech Platform

EduAstra is a completely cloud hosted solution running on the World’s most trusted Cloud Platform – Microsoft Azure.

How can we help?

Let us help you navigate your cloud journey. Our experience of helping more than 300 customers manage their cloud assets gives us a better understanding of the key tech and business challenges that need to be addressed. Our certified cloud experts ensure hand-holding and optimized cloud implementations to support every business.

We are India’s leading Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partners and manage over 15,000 Cloud Seats across 300+ Cloud Customers. Our team of Cloud experts are ready to consult and design the best Cloud strategy for your requirements, deliver and implement the project and provide 24/7 proactive support and monitoring.

We provide a full end-to-end service on Microsoft Azure, from consulting and delivery to on-going support. As a Tier 1 CSP and Gold Cloud Platform partner, you can rest assured that you’re in the safest hands when it comes to Azure.

We Help Run Your Business On The Cloud

Our team of experts are ready to consult and design the best cloud strategy for your requirements, deliver and implement the project and provide 24/7 proactive support and monitoring. We can run and optimise your environment and we’re committed to delivering world class service and stability.

We Help To Migrate Your Email & Applications to Cloud

Migrating to Cloud and a Secure Email Platform unlocks efficiencies and operational benefits for your business. We help you operate confidently in a secure cloud environment, knowing you have the flexibility to scale to meet customer demands, without compromising security.

We Help Manage Your Cloud Services

We help to manage and maintain your cloud infrastructure, unlocking your time and ensuring that you find the right solution for your unique business needs. Having a reliable and scalable cloud platform to run your business on is crucial. With the rapid rise in cloud adoption, cloud infrastructure is becoming commoditised – but it is still complex and mission critical. We ensure that expert and certified resources are available 24×7 to manage your critical workloads.

We Help Provide Comprehensive Business Management Solutions for Small And Medium-sized Businesses

The number one concern on the minds of SMB owners is growth. Systems are holding companies back from the growth they’re trying to achieve. Our D365 Business Central solutions connects your people and processes with a single, unified solution, so data can be quickly and easily shared with key people throughout your company. You have access to the most current, accurate data so you’re making the most informed decisions possible.

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